Lancashire Catering Hire for all your Event Hire Requirements

Lancashire Catering Hire

Cutlery Hire

From Serving Cutlery to knives, forks and spoons, we can provide everything you need for create the ideal place setting . Choose between Kings silver or Utopia gold cutlery to add a dramatic touch.

Our cutlery is provided hot washed and hand polished, ready for use.

Tea Strainer LVCH

Vintage Tea Strainer

Kings Silver Soup Spoon Hire

Kings Silver Soup Spoon

Kings Small Cake Fork Hire

Kings Small Cake Fork

Kings’ Silver Table Knife Hire

Kings’ Silver Table Knife

Kings’ Silver Table Fork Hire

Kings’ Silver Table Fork

Kings Desert Spoon Hire

Kings’ Silver Tablespoon

Kings’ Silver Dessert Fork Hire

Kings’ Silver Dessert Fork

Kings’ Silver Dessert Knife Hire

Kings’ Silver Dessert Knife

Kings’ Silver Dessert Spoon Hire

Kings’ Silver Dessert Spoon

Sundae Spoon Hire

Sundae Spoon

Kings’ Silver Small Teaspoon Hire

Kings’ Silver Small Teaspoon

Utopia Gold Table Knife Hire

Utopia Gold Table Knife

Brides cake knife hire

Brides’ Cake Knife

Cake Slice Server Hire

Cake Slice Server

Large Serving Spoon Hire

Large Serving Spoon

Serving Tongs, Large Hire

Serving Tongs, Large

Serving Tongs, Small Hire

Serving Tongs, Small

Wooden Serving Tongs, Large Hire

Wooden Serving Tongs, Large

Salad Server Hire

Salad Server

Soup Ladle Hire

Soup Ladle

Vintage Sugar Tongs Hire

Vintage Sugar Tongs

Utopia Gold Table Fork Hire

Utopia Gold Table Fork

Utopia Gold Dessert Spoon Hire

Utopia Gold Dessert Spoon

Utopia Gold Teaspoon Hire

Utopia Gold Teaspoon

Vintage Teaspoon Hire

Vintage Teaspoon